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Cuewel project management software helps teams keep work aligned. Manage tasks, create schedules, track time, and invoice your clients all from a single platform.

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About Us

task management software

Cuewel [ cool ] is project management software that allows users to create projects along with all corresponding tasks, start dates, and due dates.

Users assigned to tasks can easily add time estimates, log work time, update task statuses, upload documents, add comments, and more.

Easily create invoices to send to your clients, based on logged time and expenses.

Core Features

Stay organized and connected

Modern organizations can easily bring their teams together in a private online workspace, to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Projects and Task

Cuewel makes it easy to create your projects along with all corresponding tasks. Navigating between projects is quick and simple, like moving from one email to another. Use task templates to quickly add batches of tasks to your projects.

Resources and Time

Cuewel makes it easy to quickly assign your users to tasks. Users can estimate time needed to complete tasks and log actual time spent working on tasks.

Accounting and Invoices

Cuewel makes it easy to quickly create and send invoices that contain logged time and expenses. Easily manage rates of pay for each user that logs time.

Teams love how easy working together can be

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